May 12, 2009

dis moment..

mentalist, magicians, illusionists.. it would b shockd 2 noe dat sometimes.. not often, but sometimes, its da real deal.. masqueradin' js an act.. hidin' behind a few tengku @ benjamin @ abdullah paper tricks.. hakhakhak.. hidin' in a plain sight.. coz if da magician doesnt do dat.. da alternative is impossible fr others 2 live wif.. dat magical.. affected..

destiny.. strting to get dat divinity voice.. hikhikhik.. but dats wht it really is.. evry move we make is pre-ordained n wht is da point of dat life is supposed 2 b a surprise..?? - question belong 2 somebody wthout hold.. nobody is delusional or evn sociopath.. life has been writtn.. xdoubt.. xanomaly.. we nd 2 believe in destiny..

so blissful.. true.. so in high spirits being in dis life n in dis situation.. alhamdulillah..

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intend to provoke me..?? keep it up guys.. ahaksss..