May 01, 2009

back to back..!!

dh boring dh nk kuntum2 ni.. cm siot je rse.. wekkkk r.. so im back wif wht i hd done b4.. till my previous blog nd to shut down voluntary.. reportin' drect frm bangkok..!! wif some assist frm old frenz la.. hakhakhak.. pro-thai.. แดง_73738 is back..!! bt dis time cnnot b so clear+hard like b4 la.. slow2+seldom2+smooth2 dh la ek.. kuikuikui.. 1st to go.. --->

thai workers demnd govt's help..!!

'bout 1,000 people workin' in da informl sector n in state entrprises gatherd in front of da governmnt house on national labour day friday, demandin' da governmnt provide better welfre fr workers.. representativs of labour groups went 2 meet P.M abhisit vejjajiva 2 hand a letter voicin' their demnds.. they said da economic crisis is seriously affectin' workers n da governmnt must act 2 end it n to assist them..

lets dnce 2gether.. get dwn 2 dnce floor.. da prty wll strt.. lalalala..

they wnt legislation 2 improve safety in their workplaces, changes 2 da structure of da social security office n 2 make it more transparent n a fund guaranteein' security fr workrs registerd wif providnt funds s they could b affectd by da mismanagemnt of da funds.. they also demandd da governmnt 2 stop da privatisation of state entrprises..

somsak kosaisuk, a people's alliance fr democracy (PAD) leader n chairmn of da labour union of da state railway of thailand, said da governmnt doesnt care much 'bout manual labourers n hd nt done much 2 help those bein' laid off beccause of da economic crisis.. he calld on workers 2 join hands in creatin' a new politics dat would offer their representativs a chance 2 b in da parliament n help shape society..

the P.M said he would stdy da demnds n try 2 solve da problems they outlind.. earlier in da day, he told workers nt 2 worry 'bout economc problems s da governmnt ws workin' 2 provide thm wif assistnce n bettr welfre..

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