July 16, 2009

rise of nothin'..??!!

in his dashing exploits at da battle of cape st. vincent.. n in his brilliant victory at da battle of trafalgar.. nelson clearly proved himself to b britain's greatest naval hero..

he wrote to lady emma hamilton.. "u noe my luvly lady.. u should noe im not a rich guy.. i dont own a house or anythin'.. im not an earl evn a lord.. in fact, da only tittle i hold is to an '02 proton wira.."

hakhakhak.. :)

siot tul.. fever+flu xjgk clear2 lg.. cmne ni.. adoii..

4 observations:

Anonymous said...

tarak hal daa..
luv.. luv.. luv.. U!!! =)

Anonymous said...

skrang mmg xde hal nye..
t2 dpn2 kene mrah je ari2..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

cnfrm jd nye la cmtu.. hdp lg..

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