July 20, 2009

lets pile it..

do keep all ur unread bookz 2gether, likka bookz in a waitin' room..?? or r they js scatterd throughout da shelves.. minglin' like party-goers waitin' fr da host 2 come along..?? hekhekhek..

all mine r in a pile.. all 2gether..!! keep da most recent ones 2gether.. then there is a pile full of buku2 tua dat hv collectd but not read over da yrs.. ++ tua le jwbnye.. hakhakhak.. n then there r otherz dat hv startd but not quite made any progress on..!! kuikuikui.. all in differnt neat piles.. da bookz i hv finishd go into proper boxes @ plstic bags.. so dat dont mix them all up..!!

wht 'bout urs..??!!

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intend to provoke me..?? keep it up guys.. ahaksss..