July 03, 2009

im so proud of him..


june 21st.. da day fr all father in da whole world.. any man cn b a father.. but it take a special person to b calld ayah.. taught me da meanin' of da word generosity..

till now i stll clearly rflect da day adik ika nd to get some stuff frm hypermrket.. 6 yrs ago.. fr her hostel need.. biase la gurl.. mcm2.. got many thin' nd to, mean got much money to spend.. while lookin' around, ayah found a few nice long sleeve shirts suit to him, but he js take couples.. he put back da rest to da rack.. frm his face appear da question, "do i really nd this reather than my childs need..??" at dat time, no more word cn dscribe how i feel.. i cultivate resolve dat one day i'll buy him a shirts..

lastly.. da day appear.. 5 yrs ago.. my 1st salary s a quantity surveyor.. i got him a few shirts.. he thnx me cool wif a hug..

dec2007.. i managed to frther my stdy.. i ask bonda fr a nu sejadah to bring too.. bonda tell me to get it by myself in da wardrobe.. sddenly i found somethin' dat i noew it very much.. da shirts dat i bought fr ayah.. stll fold in da plstic.. i ask ayah "nape ayah xpkai baju2 ni..?? ni cnfrm xmuat dh ni.." ayah said "syg la nk pakai.. ank ayah yg bg.." fr another one more time, no word cn dscribe how's me at dat time..

smpai skrang pn wlupn aku dh bsr pnjang g2, klu ayah cll, msti de gk selit soklan "de duit tk..??" dats ayah.. msti ea dulu kn hal anak2, bru ea pkir hal ea.. nobody cn replace ayah.. im so proud of him.. im so proud of me coz had ayah like him.. eppi father's day..

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