July 12, 2009

u'r wise byond ur yrs but i dont gv a damn care..

js finishd read a book.. brrowed frm my oldfrnd.. so awesome+apparently+literate.. clled sex, drugs and cocoa puffs : a low-culture manifesto.. writtn by an essayist named chuck klosterman n it's a book of essays.. which is probably da kind of writin' u'd expect an essayist named chuck klosterman hd do.. b4 dis, buku2 mamat ni little bit dfference but dis time xde little bit dh, mmg dh len byk+len trus oooo.. kuikuikui.. nyway, there is an excerpt frm his book "da 23 q's i ask evrybody i meet in order to decide if i cn really luv them.." cm siot dowh.. mmg xlh blah.. mampus org nk jwb klu nk couple ngn ea.. hakhakhak..

but i reach each q n success to answr them.. success cre aku je la.. ahaksss.. in case u'r wonderin' wht da mindless babble in between.. i mean, it's safe to guess me.. i undrstand.. it's okay.. we cnt all be mark twain.. coz thn there would b no women n thn humans would bcome damn extinct.. hekhekhek.. n if all writin' ws so damn good writin', we'd b readin' all day long.. we cnt hv dat, can we..? oitttt.. byk keje lg dowh nk buat.. huhhhh..

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