July 27, 2009

yasmin ahmad hv said..

"i myself think i'm so bodoh dat i usually dont bother 2 interpret anythin' in a film.. i js look fr aspects of humanity which may mirror me in an honest way.. in short, i just sit back n dengar cerita.. klu nangis, nangis lah.. klu ketawa, ketawa lah.. i watch films like a child would.. i dont care how much subtext @ semiotics @ dramatic ironies @ whatever da filmmaker put into his shot.. if he failed 2 move me, he failed.." - yasmin ahmad, october 8, 2006

gonna misz ur films.. gonna misz ur ads.. gonna misz ur entry.. nobody come-out a story like u do.. fr sure u wll b missed..

al-fatihah fr yasmin ahmad..

lps ni xde dh le petronas cmmercial yg best2..

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intend to provoke me..?? keep it up guys.. ahaksss..