August 22, 2009

flight attendant..

evryone hs a plane story 2 share.. but xone tells it btter n bestest rather thn da one who sings da “chicken-or-beef, sir..??” rhapsody.. in dis humorous recollection of airplane anecdotes, shows u a kaleidoscope of stories spurnd frm a crazee sky.. perghhhh.. b prepard fr a slew of charades dat bounce up ur face in technicolor clarity.. da hot n crisp dscriptions expose da quirks, antics n idiosyncrsies of a travelin' public s da author rambles on ad infinitum on their follies n foibles up high @ 35,000 feet.. feel da absurdity of mid-air intrcourse whn desperate trvelers trade lust in da loo.. watch da cabin aisle turn in2 a wrestlin' ring whn two burly men throw fists n vulgarity.. mmg giler dowh buku ni.. tp best.. meet men travelers who behave like cave-inhabitants n da female flyer comin' aboard wearin' her weapons of mass distraction..!! ahiksss.. dscover da lurid dscription of a pssenger who mistook da cockpit door s da public urinal in his intoxicatd state.. ahaksss.. so.. welcome on board.. fr a ride dats rife wif hilarity, drama n absurdity.!!

poor annie.. dumped by her bf via txt dis mornin' while en route 2 da airport.. sian2.. she cn thinx of btter things 2 do thn stand on a plane demonstratin' emrgency prcedure n pointin' out low-level lightin' 2 hndreds of uninterestd pssengers.. but wht's a cabin-crew gal 2 do whn her luv life hits turbulence.?? annie bravely resolves 2 keep smilin' through her fake tan.. btul2 sian ni.. while there's still a plane 2 catch, there's still pastures new 2 dscover.. n one of these days she's sure 2 really meet mr. right..

bck to 1933.. there is also a movie production namely "air hostess".. directed by albert s. rogel.. switches to the early 30's.. around ww1.. a noir meet melodrama movie.. in less thn 65 mins.. u laugh.. u cry.. u feel fr da charactrs.. u cheer them on.. u worry 'bout them.. n u will brought to the edge of seats in a nail-bitin' climax.. highly rcommended 2 lovers of classic fast-movin'..

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Anonymous said...

" journey of my life.. " =)
due2 buku 2 mmg besh..

Anonymous said...

journey of ur life..??
ermmm.. bole la.. bole la.. ahiksss..
u f'coffee mam..??!! ahaksss..

Anonymous said...

seb bek x pnggil sister td..
klu x mmg dh kne dh..
hek3 ;p

Anonymous said...

ermmm.. sister.. may i hv tea pls..??
2 sugar wif 1 creamer k..
ahaksss.. trgamakkk..

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