August 27, 2009

the story..

i'd tk ur hand.. tk ur heart.. tk evrythin'.. n added them into a weddin' ring..

intimately pampered goddess..

d protector..

birth of blossom..

truth.. photo cn express evrythin'.. feeling.. atmosphere.. joy.. frenzy.. sadness.. js photo cn grab all those moments.. aint nobody r fully memorizer.. aint no captor.. evn evrybody nd d 2nd assist.. to help.. to take.. all of d people r individually weak instead of nope so perfect.. no matter wht.. we nd each other..

2 observations:

Anonymous said...

we need each othr rite..?
luv u bebeh.. =)

Anonymous said...

luv u too.. ahiksss.. gtal.. huhhh..

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intend to provoke me..?? keep it up guys.. ahaksss..