August 06, 2009


damn best readin' among others.. some salt away in mine fr ovr than 5 yrs.. a pile of them oooo.. also got a few stll not evn sngle word been read pn.. ahaksss.. dat namely addiction kn.. xpe2.. gather most of them frm cllector in ipoh during my 1st stage of tertiary stdy.. dont noe eithr d shop is stll there ke tk..

at 11, quentin fears is devastatd by his older sister lizzy's death.. sbsequently.. he grows up 2 b a lonely man, obsessd wif memories of lizzy.. he bcomes extremely wealthy.. yet evrythin' he does cnters around lizzy.. he evn picks a wife who reminds him of her.. madeleine ; da woman wif whm he falls in luv n marries in a matter of wks, turns out 2 b an apparition inventd by an evil witch.. once da story turns 2 quentin's wife n her family, da plot dgenerates in2 da script of a b-movie.. wif wild explanations fr da comings n goings of ghosts n da mysterious treasure box dat madeleine wnts her nu husband 2 open..

san francsco ex-cop n crrent bartender dismas "diz" hardy cnnot believe his frnd eddie would commit suicide.. so he decides 2 investigate.. da progress of his search in2 eddie's lst days coincides wif changes in his own emotional make-up.. s he faces da reasons fr his divorce n his feelings of guilt ovr da death of his infant son..

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