December 26, 2009

feast of luv..

bradley : whts makin' u smile like dat..??
margaret : lookin' out d window.. an unusual man, an innocent man, an open-hearted man.. someone who hs given tremendous love, but nver had it returnd, not in d way he dserves..

bradley : well.. chloe knew wht ws gonna happen 2 oscar..
harry : wht do u mean she knew..??
bradley : she did.. she went 2 some psychic lady who predictd d whole thing..
harry : she believed her.?
bradley : yes harry.. she did.. and she didn't run away.. she didn't crawl into a hole.. she found them a house, she threw away her birth cntrol, and she married him.. god doesn't hate us harry.. if he did, he wouldn't hv made our hearts so brave..

so deep robert benton.. unlike many romantic comedies in its inability 2 replicate real life - only.. ermmm.. it's supposed 2 b a dramedy la.!! ahiksss..

3 observations:

Serge Cornillet said...

Nice to hear from you! I hope U r well.

hanilopiplopz said...

oi pakcik! hahahahaha.. aku lek shah alm nnti, ak nk pau kau g tgk movie hokeyh! sila tggu! hahahaahaha...

uncle pet..!! said...

serge :
im so well.. ahiksss.. thnx bro..

hani :
adehhh.. mampus aku.. uhuksss..

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