January 10, 2010


amir ; a well-to-do boy frm da wazir akbar khan district of kabul.. hauntd by da guilt of betrayin' his childhood friend hassan ; da son of his father's servant.. it is set against a bckdrop of tumultuous events, frm da fall of da monarchy in afghanistan through da soviet invasion, da mass exodus of refugees into pakistan n da united state, n also.. da taliban regime..

one of da most powerful themes in literature n subsequently film is dat of redemption.. show how a person can rise above da past to redeem themselves hv da ability to uplift da viewers, touching them on a deep emotional level.. so touchable dowh.. uhuksss..

2 observations:

hanilopiplopz said...

huuhuh.. film fevwet nih.. aku tgk cite ni mase film revew kat klaz.. tp yg aku pelik, membe aku sume rlex2 je tgk.. aku yg nanges bagai nk rak.. hahahah

uncle pet..!! said...

aku pn nek sebak gk.. tp aku kn maskulin.. wt2 relax je la.. hua3..

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