October 09, 2010

will she make it..??

daelyn ws da fat gurl dat evryone tormented on.. she's been on da butt of evry possible joke, forced to attend fat camp where da campers majored in sadism & molested by a group of boys.. daelyn lost weight but it doesnt matter if she's fat or thin she still feels filthy.. drinkin' ammonia & bleach she managed to lost her voice & gain a brace while her throat repairs after surgery.. cuttin' her wrist she managed to lost blood & gained herself on her parents' suicide watch 24/7.. now daelyn is countin' down her next & final attempt to make herself happy wif da help of through-da-light ; an online forum & information website where one can learn various ways to kill themselves..

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intend to provoke me..?? keep it up guys.. ahaksss..